new space.

August 19, 2013

Same name, new space... farewell Blogger.

You can now find me here. Come on over!

a mix: free at dawn.

July 22, 2013

free at dawn
Dear friends, I made this for you - a tiny collection of songs I really love, that I think you'll love, too. I hope it makes your ears and heart and soul happy... enjoy. (which song is your most favorite?)

Lots of love, xo.

Waves That Rolled You Under - Young Summer
Free At Dawn - Small Black
Do - Young Man
Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns - A.C. Newman
Love Like This - Kodaline
True Believer - Widowspeak
Black Roses - Escondido
Yuma - Jessie Baylin
Back To The River - Lily & Madeleine
Resolution - Matt Corby

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photographs: summer afternoons.

July 19, 2013

record player girl flower findings succulent blue butterfly
Listening to records with the windows open. | My face. | Flower findings for an upcoming design project. | A very happy plant in the sun. | Watering. | The biggest butterfly I've ever seen.

While the rest of the country is melting, I'm feeling super crazy lucky to live near the beach in California. There is almost always an ocean breeze, and our hotter days have been few. So, that means all of you poor souls who are dying in unbearable heat and/or humidity should come visit right now. Summer party, day and night. Let's do it.

*p.s. - for those asking, yes! I'm taking on design projects. My portfolio is in major need of a facelift, but feel free to contact me (kellyann @ with any questions or inquiries. Let's talk!

the grid.

July 07, 2013

flowers galore mountains wedding attire plants plants more plants messy bed
I'm totally digging the new VSCO Grid - I started using it recently and I love the concept behind it. The focus is on your content and nothing else - no followers, no likes, just photographs. There's a mystery and a freedom to it that's kind of rad, and in the age of social media overload, I find it really refreshing and minimal. Do you have one, yet? I would love to check it out. You can find mine here.

I'm still exploring and stumbling upon some really cool Grids, but here are just a few of my favorites at the moment: Kevin Russ, Emilie Ristevski, David Garvin, Brandon Shackelford, M Stetson Design, Chris OzerDan Otis, Jared Chambers. I've actually started a Pinterest board to save some of the gems I find along the way... so inspiring.